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Welcome to the JATC Local 11 & 589 Website and User Portal.

Online Registrations

Use the Members Only link to register for classes and pay online for training. You can also see a schedule of upcoming events.

Apprentice Calendar

Once you are a registered student, you will be able to view the apprentice calendar of upcoming trainings to attend.

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Learn about profitable jobs and affordable career paths available to you through our exciting Types of Apprenticeships.
Pipefitter and Steamfitter apprenticeships
Even as college costs spiral, Minnesota is facing a shortage of skilled laborers in certain industries. Our apprenticeship system offers an opportunity for you to start earning money instantly, gaining experience and salary increases through on-the-job training and classroom instruction.

Apprentices start at 40% of the Journeyman wage rate. The total wage package includes fringe benefits such as medical, dental and optical insurance plans, retirement plans and more. The apprenticeship program is for a 5-year period and requires 9,000 on-the-job hours of work. Additionally, all apprentices attend 216 hours of related instruction for each year while in the program.

About Us

Our program makes the best pipefitters, steamfitters, plumbers and HVAC technicians in the industry, so your projects are done safely and cost effectively. Contact us for information about our work force, our career opportunities, and our dedication to the advancement of the piping industry.